Thank you for 6 months of support and love

Last night I was so excited to see that the Dear Melanoma facebook page reached 2000 likes. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has followed my journey.

Earlier this year I was going back and forth about whether I wanted to document my life with melanoma. I knew that my friends and family would read it, but never did I expect that I would be opening my life to be scrutinised in the best possible way by the public. Over 65 000 people have read my blog – wow! People know my face and my story and are not afraid to stop me when I am out and about. I knew that if I was to do this, I wanted to write a blog that was 100% honest. This meant that there would be hours spent in front of my laptop with tears running down my face documenting some of my saddest moments and some of my biggest fears I have about dying.

Over the last six months since launching the blog, and in turn, the Facebook page, you have been with me on this journey. You know my deepest secrets and fears. You know what pushes my buttons. You know my favourite things that will never fail to bring a smile to my face. We have fundraised together. And most importantly, you have all been spectators to mine and Serge’s love story.

Some of my 'cheerleaders' helping launch Dear Melanoma.

I am sure, together, many tears have fallen when reading my blog, but I hope you have also smiled and laughed.

I am so glad that I decided to start this blog. Every time I post a blog, sometimes fearing your reaction, the number of people that read each post, your comments, and your support overwhelms me. It makes everything worthwhile.

There are many of you that I feel I know – I like to call you my ‘regulars’. You never fail to comment and give me your thoughts and support. I thank you for that.

For those that have taken the time to share their melanoma story with me, I thank you. I love knowing that I am not alone in this journey and that so many of my fears are shared.

My little family

I have made new friends since launching this blog. Friends that I feel like I have known for years. These people know who they are and I am so glad that I met you and that we have left the keyboard and built a ‘real life’ friendship. 

To the people that continue to be my cheerleaders – my husband, my parents, my sisters, my family and my dearest of friends – this has been a way in which they can understand how I am feeling without us having to have the conversation that is sometimes to difficult. Thank you for letting me have this voice and being there with me 100% of the way.

This blog has given me so much strength, but most importantly it has given me purpose. I know many of you will continue on this journey with me until melanoma does take my life. You will continue to give me the courage to be honest, as well as live this life to the fullest.

Thank you.