Oh, what a night

The title of this blog may lead you to think that I am writing an entire 1000 word essay on my ability to sing along to every word of the Four Seasons song, ‘Oh, what a night’… you are wrong!

Instead, I am finally filling you all in on the amazing success of ‘Through the Looking Glass’, which happened over a month ago now.

Since the event, I have been gallivanting around Hawaii, but also contacting all those involved in the event thanking them (still working on this one… sooo many people!) and finalising the fundraising total.

Life's little luxuries - champagne poured by
a stilt walker!

I am going to leave you hanging with that a little bit longer and share some of the highlights of the night.

Like the fundraiser I hosted in June last year, the atmosphere was electric – As the amazing DJ, Peter Henderson, said following the night, ‘these people came to party’. And, party you all did!

The drinks were flowing from the very beginning of the evening, delivered to guests by an illuminated stilt walker (why not, I say). And, of course, everyone flocked to the delicious food prepared by Chef Allan.

Alison and I preparing for the big night!

With Alison Ariotti as host, we started the formalities of the evening and I had the opportunity to share some words and explain my wish to raise money for the Melanoma Institute Australia – the hope that the money raised for research will provide me, and others with advanced melanoma, more clinical trials that will buy us time. Once again, this has taken on even more urgency in my melanoma journey as I wait to find out if the lesion in my brain has grown, a result that will decide whether I am able to stay on the clinical trial that is keeping me alive.

We were then serenaded by Sarah De Bono, starting a dance floor that remained the ENTIRE NIGHT!

However, the highlight for many was the auction run by Ray White’s Haesley Cush. The auction was introduced by the lovely Bettina. Bettina lost her husband, Peter, a month prior to ‘Through the Looking Glass’. It was an honour to have Bettina attend the event, but even more so, to have her speak. Prior to the auction Bettina called on the almost 250 guests to be generous and to give to the cause. Bettina spoke of the importance of research and clinical trials – most importantly, the importance of having treatment options. Bettina bought tears to many eyes in the room and I believe brought the significance of this event to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The very dashing Hugo being auctioned!

Haesley had the amazing ability to move the audience from a moment of heartbreak to a moment of enthusiasm and generosity. The auction was great fun, but a last minute addition to the auction list had the women in the room squealing when we auctioned off a date with the handsome, and oh so suave, Hugo (I am just going to put it out there, it was like watching a room of cats on heat). A date with Hugo went for an impressive total of $1,300!

With all the formalities out of the way, it was time for everyone to continue to let their hair down (including myself) and dance the night away. It was so wonderful meeting so many of the loyal Dear Melanoma supporters, as well as catching up with family and friends. It is always a good sign that the night was an amazing success when no one wants to leave!

So, I am excited to announce that we raised… drumroll, please… a total of $36,001! (Precise, I know!)

I am over the moon with this figure as I went into this event with the goal of raising $30,000.

Over the last year the Dear Melanoma community, through the Melanoma March, the Dear Melanoma Launch and Through the Looking Glass, has raised over $71,000! How amazing is that!

Thank you again to everyone that was part of the event, especially Mirra Private Dining and Events and Stylised who worked for months with me to make the evening so magical. And, thank you to all of you that came and were part of another magical memory.

Another opportunity to make memories with my dearest friends.

My handsome man.