My Summer with SunSoaked

You have been asking for it and I am finally ready for you! You have been asking to see me half naked and looking somewhat glamorous (rolls and all) in my new SunSoaked Swimwear.

I am not a Style Blogger and want to give you a little disclaimer. You are not going to get beautiful model shots, but instead just me awkwardly posing for my not so professional insta-hubby photographer. These swimmers have been gifted to me, but I have not been paid to write this post or for any of the ‘fashion style’ posts I publish. Why do I always support SunSoaked and the beautiful Kate, founder and designer of SunSoaked? I support her because I genuinely love the designs, they are ‘oh my god’ flattering, and the whole range is based around an emphasis on the need to be sun smart. There is nothing in this for me, except some great swimmers.

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Ten Thousand!!!

Today the Dear Melanoma Facebook Page reached the big 10 000!!! It would be silly to not recognise and celebrate this milestone. 

Over the last two years Dear Melanoma has become a very important part of my life. The blog has given me purpose and something to concentrate on when the world around me felt like it was falling to pieces. 

I was diagnosed with advanced cancer after returning from working in East Timor for a year – I was only 22. I had no workplace surrounding me that could support me and allow me to continue work. If I did want to work, I would have to go in being honest about everything that came along with having cancer, terminal cancer. Dear Melanoma has become my job. Even though I do not receive a salary, it has given me the structure of a job. It has given me the pride and the aspirations that come with a career. As the blog has grown, so has the roles that have come with the blog – speaker, advocate, published writer, fundraiser. The blog most definitely keeps me busy and limits the time I spend in the ‘woe is me’ frame of mind.

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Through the Looking Glass - Another success!

This time last week I was recovering from the month of planning that led to an amazing evening of fundraising at 'Through the Looking Glass'.

To be honest, I wasn’t just recovering from sleep deprivation and a few too many wines, but I was experiencing ‘post event woes’. They hit me hard after our wedding and then again after 'Through the Looking Glass' last year. I was expecting them big time, definitely considering I really didn’t have something to move my attention to (we hadn’t locked in our few days away or found out (thanks to all of you) that we would be planning our kitchen renovation).  I depend on having something on the horizon to keep me going and avoid falling into deep depression that I cannot budge.

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Through the Looking Glass supporting Melanoma Institute Australia

With 2 weeks until Through the Looking Glass, I am so excited to share with you where the funds raised from the night will be going.

One of my favourite things about working with Melanoma Institute Australia is the freedom I am allowed to choose where I want the money to go.

Without further ado, researchers and doctors at Melanoma Institute Australia are developing a unique clinical trial that will use existing drugs to target rare genes in melanoma patients who have exhausted all other treatment options.

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