My Summer with SunSoaked

You have been asking for it and I am finally ready for you! You have been asking to see me half naked and looking somewhat glamorous (rolls and all) in my new SunSoaked Swimwear.

I am not a Style Blogger and want to give you a little disclaimer. You are not going to get beautiful model shots, but instead just me awkwardly posing for my not so professional insta-hubby photographer. These swimmers have been gifted to me, but I have not been paid to write this post or for any of the ‘fashion style’ posts I publish. Why do I always support SunSoaked and the beautiful Kate, founder and designer of SunSoaked? I support her because I genuinely love the designs, they are ‘oh my god’ flattering, and the whole range is based around an emphasis on the need to be sun smart. There is nothing in this for me, except some great swimmers.

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Christmas Giveaway - SunSoaked

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I had a busy weekend with lots of Christmas activity! I know that I still haven’t written a blog update about my health, but sometimes you just need to block things out and recover – it will come soon though. I can tell you that I am doing ok and not letting things slow me down. 

Ummm, what happened with the Solbari giveaway?!?! You all went nuts! Congratulations to Sharyn for winning the giveaway. Remember that Dear Melanoma readers can have a 10% discount at Solbari using the code: dearmelanoma.

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Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! The Christmas carols (Michael Buble of course) are already playing in the car and one of two of our Christmas trees are up – I couldn’t control myself!

As a family we have an agreement that when I get sicker and things are not looking positive, we will make sure that we have a final Christmas together. I have been blessed with two Christmases that we didn’t think I would see, lets keep them coming!

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