My Summer with SunSoaked

You have been asking for it and I am finally ready for you! You have been asking to see me half naked and looking somewhat glamorous (rolls and all) in my new SunSoaked Swimwear.

I am not a Style Blogger and want to give you a little disclaimer. You are not going to get beautiful model shots, but instead just me awkwardly posing for my not so professional insta-hubby photographer. These swimmers have been gifted to me, but I have not been paid to write this post or for any of the ‘fashion style’ posts I publish. Why do I always support SunSoaked and the beautiful Kate, founder and designer of SunSoaked? I support her because I genuinely love the designs, they are ‘oh my god’ flattering, and the whole range is based around an emphasis on the need to be sun smart. There is nothing in this for me, except some great swimmers.

Kate has not only created a sun smart label, but she gives so much of her time for skin cancer awareness and volunteers her time to Melanoma March, an initiative of Melanoma Institute Australia. And, most importantly, Kate is just the loveliest person and I am so lucky that we have met and become good friends… there are some positives that come from having cancer and this friendship is one!

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff, I am leaving this for another special blog post!

This week is National Skin Cancer Action Week and what better time than to introduce you to the new range for SunSoaked.

Anyone that knows me knows my strong dislike for Summer. This dislike has grown since being diagnosed with melanoma. I have always been sun smart, ever since I was little, but being diagnosed with melanoma four years ago instilled a fear of the sun. Since my melanoma progressed to Stage 4 and undergoing immunotherapy treatment my skin has changed. I have gone from being pale (very little pigment) to patches of my skin and hair losing all pigment.

Having no pigment changes your approach to sun safety dramatically. I can no longer rely on sunscreen because it offers zero protection. I need to ensure that my skin is covered by clothing when I cannot depend on shade. Enter SunSoaked and their beautiful rashies that make being sun smart fashionable.

SunSoaked swimwear have made my last two Summers, and I am sure this coming Summer, so much easier and enjoyable. I am actually enjoying going to the pool or the beach without the fear of being sunburnt. All of the swimmers in the range have a UPF 50+ rating and in her new line of resort wear, a rating of UPF 25. This means that I can cover my arms, back and décolletage (the three most affected areas by pigment loss) and use sunscreen and a hat to protect the rest of me.

Being sun smart is of upmost importance to me, but at the end of the day I am a young woman with definite insecurities. There is no denying that I have real insecurity issues with my body. Having cancer or dying definitely doesn’t take away your insecurities about your body! SunSoaked is giving me a new level of body confidence that I never thought I would enjoy.I can’t tell you how beautiful I feel wearing these swimmers. Yes, I could still point out every roll and spot of cellulite in these pictures, but for the first time in forever I actually feel confident parading around in my swimmers and not running from the water for a towel. I think that is pretty special. I know my husband, Serge, is Kate’s number one fan too!

Wearing a rashie is something that most would consider daggy – I say the opposite. Why is it that we make our children wear rashies, but we as adults don’t? Is it that we don’t have enough fashionable options? Well, you no longer have an excuse because SunSoaked is pretty stunning, if you ask me.

People need to get over this desire to be tanned and lying in the sun for hours in their little bikinis to achieve this. There is nothing health about a tan. When I talk at high schools, I always tell the students that if they take one thing from my talk, I want it to be for them to stop tanning. Enjoy the beach and the pool, but don’t deliberately set out to tan.

Do yourself a favour and visit SunSoaked online, at one of their stockists or at a Pop Up Shop near you.

Enjoy your Summer!

Here I am frolicking around in the Paradiso print in several different styles.


I am wearing the following:

Sophia Maxi Kaftan - Size 14

Adriana long sleeve zipped top - Size 12

Gemma bustier - Size 14

Coco high waisted pant - Size 14 in Nero and Paradiso

Mila DD-E underwire bustier - Size 12 

SunSoaked will be popping up at Q Roasters - 44 Wolverhampton St, Stafford BRISBANE

Friday 25 November 9am tp 7pm and Saturday 26 November 8am to 12pm