My Summer with SunSoaked

You have been asking for it and I am finally ready for you! You have been asking to see me half naked and looking somewhat glamorous (rolls and all) in my new SunSoaked Swimwear.

I am not a Style Blogger and want to give you a little disclaimer. You are not going to get beautiful model shots, but instead just me awkwardly posing for my not so professional insta-hubby photographer. These swimmers have been gifted to me, but I have not been paid to write this post or for any of the ‘fashion style’ posts I publish. Why do I always support SunSoaked and the beautiful Kate, founder and designer of SunSoaked? I support her because I genuinely love the designs, they are ‘oh my god’ flattering, and the whole range is based around an emphasis on the need to be sun smart. There is nothing in this for me, except some great swimmers.

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Christmas Giveaway - Solbari

Thank you everyone for all your love and support yesterday. It has been a tough few days, but like always…  I keep on plodding along. I will update you with a blog post soon, but at the moment, I just need to collect my thoughts and get into the swing of my new treatment that I started last night (I am currently rocking a rash all over my upper body! Yay!)

Congratulations to Bec for winning the Nutmeg Beach voucher. Bec and I actually went to primary school together and we probably took out the top positions for the most pale in our year level! I know the sun shirt will come in handy for pool time with your little family!

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