Christmas Giveaway - Nutmeg Beach

I can’t believe we are less than 3 weeks away from Christmas! Who is orgnised and finished all their Christmas shopping? I am pretty much on track… I only have to drop some massive hints to Serge for my Christmas present!

Congratulations to Tara for winning the Mini Sandcrabs voucher – Your little one is going to look so cute in his outfit! Make sure if you have won one of the giveaways to share some photos! I would love to see them.

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Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! The Christmas carols (Michael Buble of course) are already playing in the car and one of two of our Christmas trees are up – I couldn’t control myself!

As a family we have an agreement that when I get sicker and things are not looking positive, we will make sure that we have a final Christmas together. I have been blessed with two Christmases that we didn’t think I would see, lets keep them coming!

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Yay for stylish swimwear that is sun safe!

About a month ago on the Dear Melanoma Facebook page I spoke about my mission to find a great swim top. Although I avoid the most dangerous parts of the day, try and swim in pools with shade and wear sunscreen, it is no longer sufficient.


As a side effect of the clinical trial I am on, I am losing the pigment in my hair and skin. At first it was only my hair – my eyebrows started to go white and then the front segment of my hairline. Thank goodness for hair dye and an amazing hairdresser! But, unfortunately, over the last few months the pigment in my skin is slowly disappearing leaving me with some areas of patchy skin and zero protection. I can get burnt walking short distances or even out for a few minutes at the clothesline. What I didn’t know was that sunscreen would provide zero protection to my skin. Once there is no pigment, sunscreen provides no protection.  For example 50+ sunscreen gives 50 times your own skins ability to protect itself from the sun.  Therefore, I have no protection.

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