Yay for stylish swimwear that is sun safe!

About a month ago on the Dear Melanoma Facebook page I spoke about my mission to find a great swim top. Although I avoid the most dangerous parts of the day, try and swim in pools with shade and wear sunscreen, it is no longer sufficient.

As a side effect of the clinical trial I am on, I am losing the pigment in my hair and skin. At first it was only my hair – my eyebrows started to go white and then the front segment of my hairline. Thank goodness for hair dye and an amazing hairdresser! But, unfortunately, over the last few months the pigment in my skin is slowly disappearing leaving me with some areas of patchy skin and zero protection. I can get burnt walking short distances or even out for a few minutes at the clothesline. What I didn’t know was that sunscreen would provide zero protection to my skin. Once there is no pigment, sunscreen provides no protection.  For example 50+ sunscreen gives 50 times your own skins ability to protect itself from the sun.  Therefore, I have no protection.

The new collection by Nutmeg Beach.

I can’t live life as a hermit or a vampire. So off I went shopping to find clothes that would provide a physical barrier. I also needed to find something suitable to wear when swimming.

So, back to the swim top mission. As soon as I shared my mission on Facebook, I had some wonderful women from two separate local businesses contact me wishing to send me some swim tops to try. A few weeks ago I shared the swim tops Alys from Nutmeg Beach sent me to sample – fantastic and flattering options for women. Nutmeg Beach will be launching their website in January, so I will keep you posted.

The fab swim top that I got from SunSoaked.

Last week I visited Kate, from SunSoaked, at her popup shop in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre where she is selling her fabulous swimwear in the lead up to Christmas.

As soon as I arrived at the stall, I saw the passion that Kate has for ensuring that women of all shapes, sizes and ages have glamorous swimwear; but, most importantly, a variety of swim tops that provide sun protection. She spoke of the hypocrisy in ensuring your children wear a swim top, but as a parent not setting an example. I knew at this point that I liked this woman!

Like most women, there is nothing worse than shopping for swimmers, but off I went into the change room with an armful of goodies to try. I tried on some of Kate’s great bikini bottoms and bikini tops to match the swim tops and I did not once shudder when looking at the mirror. Miracle!

I also picked up these swim bottoms and bikini top to wear under the swim top. Watch out Hawaii!

I left with a beautiful outfit and so much enthusiasm to tell everyone that there is such a thing as a stylish swim top.

I am so excited to now know two amazing women that have started swimwear lines that focus on sun protection – sun protection that is actually feminine and fashionable. Thank you Nutmeg Beach and SunSoaked for filling this gap in women’s swimwear. Also, our wonderful wedding celebrant Emily Jade O’Keeffe has a fantastic line of children’s swimwear, Little Valentine, that ensure ultimate levels of sun safety!

Ladies, there are no excuses now! Go and shop!

Now, my next mission is to find myself a glorious hat that fits my huge head…. and let me just say, when it comes to hats, there is no such thing as one size fits all!