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Growing up with red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, freckles and living in Queensland I was always cautious of the sun. The caution was not because I linked being sunburnt necessarily with skin cancer, but because I simply knew that getting sunburnt was not fun. Of course, like anyone, there were instances where I did get sunburnt, but this was a rarity. 

In my teenage years, I would start to have skin checks with a dermatologist. They weren’t yearly, but probably every two years. I had a few moles taken off in my teens, but they were all ok. 

You could say that I was very aware of my skin from a young age and we never thought I would be where I am now.

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Christmas Giveaway - Sunbella

Wow! The first giveaway was a hit! Congratulations to Rhonda Nalder who won the beautiful Sarah J Curtis hat.

AND, thank you for sharing your favourite things about Christmas. I had so much fun reading them all.

Are we all ready for giveaway number 2???

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Schoolies Preparation

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of talking to Year 12 students from two girl’s schools, my old high school included, ahead of schoolies. It was quite a nerve-racking experience, but it was a hoot!

I have spoken at various schools over the last few years, but my real passion talking to teenage girls about the need to respect the sun, their skin and be sun smart… and most of all, teach them to NOT TAN! If you need a tan, embrace the fake tan!

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