A little update

This is probably the most boring post I have ever written with very little emotion or passion mainly because I am not letting myself go to that place. So, a short post to update you on my health.

I think I have been in the frame of mind that if I don’t write about it, I don’t have to deal with it.

I finished radiation to the lesion on my adrenal gland two weeks ago and I was super lucky in that it didn’t make me very sick (except for some very hilarious vomiting incidences – lets just say, thank goodness for the empty soft drink cup in our car!). I finally feel that I am getting back to my normal self, back to work, the gym and pilates. I still have a lot of back pain, but that will take some time and lots of massages!

Three weeks ago at my last treatment my blood tests showed a slight increase in my LDH levels (normally increases if the cancer is growing). As we hadn’t yet had radiation, we were hoping (and still are) that it was just the adrenal gland lesion growing and we agreed that we would wait three weeks until the result of another blood test. Unfortunately the levels increased again so I am booked in to have a scan tomorrow morning before treatment. My oncologist will give me my results immediately after the scan.

My fingers and toes are crossed that it is just my adrenal gland misbehaving because we already know that it will never respond to Keytruda. If there is activity elsewhere, I really don’t know what the plan of attack is.

Will I stay on Keytruda until things really get out of control?

Do I move to Yervoy, which is the last treatment available to me on the PBS?

Is there a clinical trial I am eligible for?

Is there a treatment regime that I can buy privately?

OR everything will be fine and I won’t need to think about any of this… for the time being at least!

I was so extremely spoilt with almost two years of stability, but for six months now I have been craving the return of that word – ‘stable’. Please come back to me!

I think if I didn’t have Through the Looking Glass to keep me busy, I would be really struggling. With my future treatment options being so limited, I am reminded why I am raising money through Through the Looking Glass.

The money raised from the event will go to Melanoma Institute Australia, specifically to their research and clinical trials. These funds, although a drop in the ocean, will mean a future with more options.

Running a fundraising event is my way of having control of my future.

I want more options. I need more options.

So keep your fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow and pray to those Pavlova Gods that everything is behaving itself.


Through the Looking Glass is less than 3 weeks away. To secure your tickets head to



Saturday May 14


$150 (food, alcohol, entertainment included)